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The Transcendent Collection Spring Set

The 'Transcendent Collection' idea is to maximize your Courageous wardrobe to transcend your closet between seasons. Although the winter collection set displayed new looks, the spring set utilizes an existing piece of clothing from the winter to transform it into a new spring look. This is normally how we would style our existing garments to maximize it's usefulness.

I wanted to push myself to create looks that I would wear but also that would appeal to men and women of all shapes and sizes. I am most proud of my brand inclusivity! All of the looks can be made in standard sizes and curvy sizes, the motto is to always be original and you certainly can with 'The Transcendent Collection'.

I'd like to give a special shout-out to all of my models (14 total) who were always willing to meet up for various fittings. Amber Dawson and Shari Jenkins for being my models but also for being my editing gurus, your insight helps me to pour more or less into every collection. Our make-up artist King Williams, worked so well under the pressure, and our photographer Jason Biggs not only took awesome photos but also gave our models direction. Schronda Dannil, my assistant always helps me with the details I often forget. I cannot forget about the assistant to the assistant (inside joke) Jimma Liddell, together, you girls make it easy for me to run around and maintain my role as a designer. awesome host, my husband, Delarious Zanders did a fantastic job and looked good doing it! Tangy's Tea for doing a beautiful job with the food, desserts, and decor. To my Kingdom Investment Ministry family, I could not do this without your support!

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