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Read more about Courageous Creations below. Remember, always be original - no matter your size!

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My name is Natosha Zanders and I am the CEO of Courageous Creations. Courageous Creations started in 2017 as a dream, I never intended on making my hobby of creating clothing a thriving business.  It wasn’t until 2019, that the business really took off and I had the courage to apply for an LLC. 

Courageous Creations specializes in unique, ready-to-wear clothing for the everyday working career women, fashionable moms on-the-go, figure flattering silhouettes and sexy sophisticated date night wear. I am most known for my free-flowing drapery capes, scrap fabric skirts and custom-built vests.


What sets Courageous Creations apart from the masses is that the majority of what we make is exclusive because the fabric is not mass produced. Therefore, we only make a few orders from the same fabric. This way, we can keep the cost within a reasonable price range for the client. The remnants from each look is recycled to make new creations.

 It is my heart’s desire to spread the joy of the Lord and my creativity affords me to do it through fashion. 

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