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Pandemic Pressure Mini Collection

I love creating mini-collections because it gives me the opportunity to tell a story through fashion. I am inspired by the women I create looks for (hence the reason why you will see so many different models for each collection). Designing for real women gives me inspiration that otherwise would be difficult to do on my own. This month we will be joining the Pandemic Pressure Artist and Fashion Showcase in Macon, Ga hosted by Tiffany Tillman (my sorority sister).

This mini-collection is titled: From Darkness to Dawn which tells the story of the darkness of 2020 and the hope and inspiration of 2021. It features black creations that grow into black and white and ultimately arrives at an all-white or the "Dawn" creation. I am so excited to share this collection with you so please stay tuned for all the pictures of each model. Let me know which look is your favorite and give some commentary on what you think the next collection should entail!

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