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It's My Birthday Week!

Prior to having a family of my own, I use to celebrate my birthday all month! It's funny how your priorities change as you grow older. I think about where I was this time last year. I took a photo shoot in front of the Tyler Perry studios with my rack of custom-made clothing. As a birthday gift, I asked my Facebook and Instagram family to tag Tyler Perry to bring awareness to the brand. It was great to see the personalized messages, well wishes, and encouragement as I entered my 38th (new beginnings) year.

As I prepare for another year (last year in my 30s), I am sure this year will supersede the previous one. I am looking forward to connecting with other business owners in the fashion industry and pushing my aesthetic even more as we approach our 4th year in business.

I declare that this year will be one of abundant peace, prosperity, and focus in my personal life as well as in my business. I now see how important it is to declare what you want to see. I confessed that the year 2022 would be one of new beginnings and it certainly was. In this new beginning moving forward, I am excited to see the many doors of opportunity open as well as some doors close as seasons come and go. Understanding that although we are in an ever changing world full of uncertainty, the one that that remains the same is my God. I plan to get and hold on to EVERYTHING that He says I can have and I pray the same for you, your families and business/careers.

Here's to my 39th year, may it be the best one yet!

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