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It's Going to Be EPIC...

I am so excited to finally share openly about this year's fashion show: Melanated Masterpieces! The idea behind this show all began while doing a fitting for the Darkness to Dawn collection with one of my models Amber. She said have you considered doing a collection that will showcase nudes for our skin tones? Then, right then she said: "You should call it melanated masterpieces". It struck me when she said it, so much so that I went home and thought about it continually. I not only wanted to showcase the nudes that blend well with our skin tones but I also wanted to highlight our beautiful undertones. I wanted to do it someplace that really spoke to my roots and what better place than my hometown of Savannah Ga.

My advisory board member Regina found the perfect venue to host this celebratory event:

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum is located in the heart of Savannah's downtown area and is a hidden gem. We will be utilizing this entire garden space (3 main areas) to host vendors, the pre-reception and the runway show. It will house just about 300 guest and the fact that it will be in the early part of September the weather should be beautiful.

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