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First Vendor Event of The Year...

As we continue to slowly get back to our new normal, Courageous Creation will be partnering with Felicia Nicole as a vendor supporting her very first book signing event in Savannah, GA. Felicia and I go WAY back, she and I actually met in middle school and have been the best of friends ever since. She is one of the hardest working educators I know and I jumped at the opportunity to support her in anyway I can.

Preparing for any vendor event can be tricky because you may not know who will be in attendance. There are a few questions to consider: what's the climate of the area and typically what would women buy in the current season? Items should be ready for sale in a range of price points to fit the majority of shoppers. It is virtually next to impossible to satisfy everyone's preference as it comes to fashion however, it is important to display a variation of designs. This way, potential clients will have a variety of looks to choose from and an idea of what can be custom created.

My workflow process goes a little something like this: once I narrow down 4 to 5 designs (tops/bottoms and dresses), I cut the patterns and place them on hangers then onto the rack (as shown above). This way I have a sense of completion although I'll have to back track to hem and serge all of them. Once this is done I will make a decision on which creations will make the final cut before the event.

The last thing to do is create a look for one of my dress forms (I have 4) that will accompany me at the event. Sheba, one of my first dress forms, travels well and does not take up too much space. The look has to be an item that displays your ability as a designer and an item that many women will be drawn too. Here she is:

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More Hair
More Hair
Jun 21, 2020

Sheba is a beauty!

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