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2020 A Year to Remember...

2020 has become a year of unprecedented events starting with the ongoing global pandemic that has taken the whole world by surprise. On a positive note; we've become very innovative in how we communicate with loved ones, how to host successful virtual events, and what actually matters most in life (things money cannot buy).

I plan to take every lesson learned in 2020 and use it to improve Courageous Creations in the years to come. I learned just how much I love creating (you typically learn this when you make little to no profit from it) while sheltering in place; I've learned more about who I am and what I am capable of when given the opportunity and how to be content in the process. I've discovered that the journey is the reward, too often we strive to reach the final place of success and forget to enjoy the road to it.

Here are a few events that happened this year in spite of the pandemic:

1). This year we launched the Courageous Creations brand with the dopest fashion show: "Real Women Walking the Runway of Life" this past January!

2). Made over 100 mask for local healthcare workers, firefighter, teachers and other essential workers

3). Participated in the Corporate Sponsorship Virtual Seminar

4). Sold custom pieces online at our very first virtual pop-up shop

5). Created a mini collection (Draped in Confidence) which aired globally with Fashion by Events

6). Created custom accessories: Earrings, clutches and bonnets

7). All while filling orders for my beloved clients!!!

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