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You Get First Dibs...

I have searched high and low to bring you, girls, a great selection of durable faux leather fabrics for our newly designed "Harnibelt". There are many fabric stores in Atlanta to choose from, I love them all but I make sure to visit the Fabric Joint when I am looking for upholstery faux leather. Each fabric color is slightly different in weight but all will give that unique flair that so many of you love.

I will continue to take custom orders from now until the end of summer. Make sure to get your order soon to ensure that you can take advantage of the summer price of $37! This price is subject to change after the summer because the price of fabrics will shift upwards and this will affect your final cost. Feel free to head over to my website ( and under custom orders please type in the name (Harnibelt) and your desired color. If you'd like 2 or more colors, that price increases by $7 for each added color. I look forward to hearing from you!

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