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What's Fashion Without Accessories?

As you can imagine, when designing and making multiple creations each week, there is an enormous amount of scraps generated. I can't fathom throwing any of my precious scraps away so what do I do? I keep them all and do my best to integrate them into new looks, rather the scraps become pockets, mended together to make face masks or a new look entirely. Recently, I learned how to make clutches and earrings out of my scrap fabric and because we are in the holiday season; I've chosen to give some away.

Creativity rarely stops with just one item, I love pushing the envelope to see just how far it will take me. With each passing year, it is my desire to make Courageous Creations better than the previous year and I will say that we are certainly on the right track. Tis' better to give than to receive and I look forward to giving away much more in the coming years. I believe when you are blessed with a talent, skill, or ability there is a measure of giving that is expected and I want to set the standard so that others can follow this same principle.

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