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The light we carry...hidden or exposed?

I recently attended former First Lady Michelle Obama's book tour: The light we carry and I walked away with many lessons from her discussion with industry heavyweight and moderator Tyler Perry.

She discussed how at the start of the pandemic many people were isolated and forced to reflect on their life, leaving many a bit depressed including herself. As many news outlets reported on the devastation there were many stories of inspiration. She realized that people were finding innovative ways to reach their loved ones by displaying the light they carried inside that no quarantine would ever dim.

As I reflected on the many lessons learned during this event, I wondered how many of us carry light but yet it is never exposed to the world. I know what your saying; this is a fashion blog, so why are we talking about light exposure or lack thereof? Well, I am glad you asked! Many of us use our wardrobe to communicate, at times we convey that we are bold, loud, and daring and at other times we use our clothing as a coverup to keep others out or just blend in so as to not stand out.

We are fastly approaching the year 2023 and I plan to be more intentional about what I display to the world through what I say, what I do, and of course, what I wear for all of these outlets render a great opportunity to spread the light that shines so brightly in most of us.

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