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I am so excited to roll out the Courageous Corner. This will be a monthly newsletter including my favorite customer creations and a few of my personal favorite looks. Although most of these creations will not be under the shop tab here on the website (because they are custom looks), they can be recreated for any subscribers interested in purchasing them.

Each month I will feature a discount for website purchases as well as custom designs. This will include free design consultations and personalized shopping experience for each client. Your fabric selection is one of the most important decisions therefore, I rarely shop online. I like to take my time and physically feel the fabrics to insure it will work well for your creation.

There will be style tips, highlighted blog post and much more. Another perk for being about of the Courageous Clique is that you will get the exclusive on upcoming events and fashion shows. There will be pop-up deals and discounts on tickets that you simply will not want to miss!

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