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Spring is finally here....

Winter is over and spring is finally here!!! The end of winter was particularly rainy here in Atlanta, Ga so we were more than ready to welcome the new season. However, most of the world is still in some sort of isolation as a result of the Corona virus 2019 (Covid-19), this makes it even more difficult to stay inside with such beautiful weather.

Since I've often complained about not having enough time to create the outfit I've envisioned since the fashion show, this was the perfect time to crank out some fresh looks.

The first look is a convertible capris pant jumpsuit. It features a black and gold studded stretch knit fabric, an elastic waist with 74' wide straps that can be tied at least 10 different ways. The short jumpsuit was made from a McCalls pattern (M8069) with two different types of fabrics. The first fabric was an orange chiffon/silk fabric that was perfect for this look! It is very light and perfect for a daytime look. I wanted to use a stretch knit fabric using this same pattern so I created the multi-colored floral jumpsuit as well. It is slightly heavier than the chiffon but it is by far one of my favorite pieces this spring. It is so comfortable and can be worn for various occasions.

It takes a bit of team effort and prep work before taking photos of each outfit. After deciding on the fabrics, creating it and what accessories will complete each look, I'm all out of creative inspiration! My husband is often the visionary behind the backgrounds and sites we find around the city of Atlanta. Typically, we try to do at least 3 looks every 2-3 weeks to keep the social media sites interesting to my current and potential clients. One look is posted each week as the 'Creation of the week' and subsequent pictures are use throughout the week.

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