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Spring is Approaching...

There is something about the anticipation of a new season that is filled with expectations and excitement. As we prepare to jump into spring, with beautiful flowers and trees preparing to bloom I typically re-evaluate what worked and didn’t work in the previous season. Just like many of us will be trading our coats for cardigans and sweaters for short sleeve tops, I plan to pack away old techniques and “could-of-should-of” for a spring clean-sweep.

This year we celebrate Black History Month with a spring mini-collection titled: "The Science of Fashion by the Fashion Scientist" As a scientist for nearly 12 years, it was important to me to pay homage to scientists of colors that trailblazed the way for us today. All too often, many of their stories go untold making their large contributions to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) seem small. Therefore, it is our responsibility to tell their stories to future generations. Although their contributions are too many to list with one video, this is certainly a conversation starter!

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