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Making Headline News....Literally!

I reached out to Mr. Andre Johnson, former sportswriter for the Dallas Mavericks now founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of Making Headline News. He was ecstatic to write an article on behalf of Courageous Creations. Out of roughly 15 questions, he painted a beautiful picture of how it all began, challenges of the recent pandemic and future en devours.

As an entrepreneur building a business, it is so important to periodically pull away from the production side and work on reaching your target audience. Balance is the biggest lesson I've learned since the start of the pandemic. I realized that putting all of my energy into designing and creating clothing makes for a lopsided business. Sometimes reaching outside of your comfort zone reaps a harvest that quite frankly you can't always do on your own. I am thankful for people like Mr. Andre Johnson who use their skills to help small businesses have a more profound voice in the sophisticated arena of media.

Head on over to read the article in it entirety:

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