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It's Summertime, Time to Dress Like It...

I don't know about you but I welcome the warmer months and we are in the heart of it. With that being said, it's time for the bright colors, maxi dresses, shorts, and jumpsuits.

I am no stranger to creating multiple looks out of the same fabric. This is one of the greatest benefits of having a designer, the sky is literally the limit. This 100% cotton dress shown above is so easy to wear and let's talk about the shoe options (more likely than not I would wear sandals). You can dress it up or down by adding a cool sneaker and you're out of the door. One of my favorite prints thus far is the graffiti print "this is big news" literally feels like you are wearing pajamas. I knew that I wanted to wear it beyond just one look so I made two. I look forward to what designs my clients come up with for their chosen fabrics, some of them stretch what I believe I'm capable of creating. I guess the brand wouldn't be Courageous Creations if it didn't then huh?

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