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It's Officially Spring Bring Out the Maxi Dresses!!!

The spring season awakens many things such as beautiful blooms on the trees (not to mention the pollen) and gorgeous fashion florals and bright colored fabrics. Honestly, I am way more comfortable in earth tones which are typically found in the fall (my favorite time of year), so this year I promised myself that I would step outside of the box.

Although the above dress does not feature bright colors, this dress is custom and can be made with virtually any color. This bell-shaped maxi dress with pockets is accompanied by scrap fabrics from previous looks and integrated seamlessly with your personal fabric choice. There are various styles options with this dress, it can be dressed up or down, shorten, split added, or even sleeves. This dress will be a staple in my closet this spring and summer because of the design and ease of wear. This look will be available for purchase on the website under the shop tab this upcoming week.

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