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It's All About the Button Love...

Shout out to all of you, my subscribers who have been showing so much love and support for these custom-made earrings. I have a TON of scrap fabric and I wanted to make some memorable and unique items with them. I've always loved button earrings and thought they would be so fun to make. Therefore, I decided to name them Button Love because, like me, you all can't get enough of these accessories. Remember, you all can order your earrings at the subscriber's price for only $8 for the remainder of the month using: "courage4u" at check out. The love doesn't stop here, if you can't seem to find the right vibe that suits you; I can make you a specialty pair, just put your desired colors in the description text box.

These make a great gift especially since Mother's day is right around the corner. These earrings not only come as a stud but I can also make them with clip-on attachments. Make sure to add your special request in the description text box once you make your selection. Look out for a very special announcement this upcoming month, you won't want to miss out on this one; trust me, it's going to be GOOD!

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