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I just want to be COMFORTABLE....

I don't know about you, but this shelter in place lifestyle has me in chill mode. I just want to be comfortable! Whoever said you have to look frumpy while teleworking, homeschooling, cooking and cleaning anyway (it is easy to stay in your PJ's all day)? Well, I created what I call Courageous Lounge-ware. It was designed to make you look chic with minimal effort. This set is made from a cozy french terry-like fabric. It top features darts to cup the bust creating a fitted bodice and the word Courageous written across the back. The pant has an elasticized waistband with pockets and cuts right underneath the calf, perfect for the spring season.

Shout out to my husband (the man behind the camera) and I can't forget my son (3 years old) who took the photo at the very bottom! Stay safe, courageous, comfortable and chic...

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