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Fashion by Events Virtual Runway

Fashion By Events is the second largest fashion event production company in America and the owner of Austin Fashion Week, Fashion By Dallas, Fashion By Houston and many more. This year, in light of the Covid-19 global pandemic, they will be launching a 3 day fashion runway featuring: Fashion by Texas (fashion by Texas-based designers/October 15th), Fashion by Black Designers (fashion by black designers all over the country to amplify black voices/October 16th), Fashion by Global (showing casing 250 designers both domestically and internationally).

I applied to participate in the Fashion by Black Designers segment in an effort to show a collection with some of the talent from around the country. I honestly was shocked when Mr. Matt Swinney email to say that I was one of the designers to show my mini collection. I immediately felt honored and then the pressure settled in, I had to produce a collection in 2 weeks time (talking about intimidation). He said something that help to put all of this into prospective: "Nothing like a little pressure to get the creative juices flowing". As I write this blog post, I am preparing to film the collection this upcoming Sunday and all I can say is that I thank God for giving me the ability to create, cast models, fittings, acquire a video-grapher and a makeup artist all in under 2 weeks time.

If you would like to see the collection feel free to visit:

Here you will find each designers write up, schedule and how to purchase tickets. You will be able to view the entire weekend for just $25 from the comfort of your home! Your going to love the new collection and I look forward to seeing you there (virtually that is...!

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