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Essential Shopping During a Pandemic

This trip to the fabric store today was by far a test of my faith, patience and character. Today was the first day since the start of the pandemic that my neighborhood fabric store opened it's doors. I knew this would be an event so I planned my day accordingly. I arrived 30 minutes before opening to find the line wrapped outside of the building and into the parking lot. With my 3 year old son in tow we proceeded to get in the very long social distancing line (after all, I have clients waiting on fabric)! I thought that all my preparation was sufficient: stroller, ipad, snacks, and water. After 2 1/2 hours of waiting to get into the store the search was on for all the fabrics I dreamed about the night before. However, the 106 people in front of me wiped out quite a bit of the 'good' fabric before I could get to it. I was determined to make the trip and wait worth my while so I searched high and low for fabrics that would possibly work for my clients.

Needless to say after a total of 4 1/2 hours (wearing a mask, pushing around a stroller atop with piled high fabric), I now know that I have faith, patience and good character for not complaining one time! My son did a fantastic job (he only said he wanted to go home roughly 5 time...this is great for a 3 year old). I want my clients to know just how important they are to me, even if it means spending the better half of my day searching for their fabric!

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