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Don't Call It a Comeback...

I've been here for years just missing in action (MIA) for a few months. Many times in small businesses, especially if you make your product with your hands, it can be hard to juggle the physical obligations of the business along with the essential social aspect. I have an awesome social media manager that helps with the day-to-day posting and website additions. However, it is important that I give her content to post which requires organization on my part (hence the problem). As I recently reorganize my sewing studio, I realize that I must do the same for the other part of my business as well.

At this very small desk, I store my Rollo printer for orders, extra bobbin threads, and clipboards which include client measurements (I also have a digital copy of these, I am totally old school when it comes to physically writing notes to commit them to memory).

As you can imagine, it takes TONS of serger threads of all colors to make custom clothing. Oftentimes, I am unsure of which colors to purchase so I try to get my hands on as many as I possibly can (within reason of course)!

To the right is 1 out of 3 utility shelves I use to store my massive collection of fabrics. I'm sure you can imagine that it takes hours if not days to organize all of this fabric and then to keep it this way is certainly a task.

Fun fact: I placed each polka dot on the wall (purchased from amazon, several size dots in one pack, I think I brought 2 packs) to space out the various sizes to expand the width of the wall. My L-shaped cutting table was custom-made by my husband and Uncle and is one of the best tools in my sewing studio.

I plan to take this same concept and rethink how I operate the business side of Courageous Creations. After 3 years in business, I understand that the business side of fashion is as important as what the clientele see's as the finished product.

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