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Convertible Fashion

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Ladies, much of what we own in our closets is specific to a certain type of look. Rather its for the office, running errands, family gathering, church events or date night. What if our wardrobe was a bit more convertible to fit several occasions, therefore maximizing your buck and minimizing closet space? WELL...

I have just the right addition for you. I call this a paper bag waist peplum belt and flared top. Let's not forget that IT HAS POCKETS! When I first started designing clothes, I would leave the pockets out because being a curvy girl, some pocket placements works against you. You've seen this before, if they are not in the right position it results in extra fabric on your hips (no thank you)!

This creation is made out of cotton fabric (can be any color or print of your choice) to give just the right amount of volume and the elastic completes the look pulling you in at just the right place. This look will be available at the end of the month under the shop tab. I look forward to making your Courageous Creation soon!

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