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Back to Los Angeles....

SHEIN, a global retailer fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brand, will host their very first designer summit. The summit will gather past, present, and future designers and artists to empower them to take their businesses to the next level regardless of expertise. The SHEIN X program was launched to help designers and artists elevate their brand visibility on a global scale. In addition, the programs offer opportunities to designers who are just beginning and to those who have well-established brands.

As a current designer with the SHEIN X program, I am excited to meet some of the staff from SHEIN X that I've worked with virtually over the past year. The knowledge of the fashion industry leaders and networking opportunities will be invaluable as 'we' entrepreneurs establish our lane in such a fast-paced industry.

It can be difficult as a small business to stay motivated in your craft when doing it without support. The SHEIN X program has provided an unparalleled platform for the growth of Courageous Creations. I have learned so many facets of the fashion industry in such a short period of time that otherwise would not have been possible. As I look forward to the future of fashion and what it will look like for Courageous Creations, I am thankful that I have a partner to help me reach the goals I've set for my business.

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