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And the Winner is...

Although we were thrust into a global pandemic this year, 2020 was also a voting year which means possible changes at the governmental level! I don't know about you but all the ads on television, radio, mail, and text messages were a little overkill if you as me!

Well, we will be welcoming our new President Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Why is this newsworthy to be featured in our Courageous Creation blog? Well, Kamala Harris is the first woman (black women might I add) to have the honor of occupying this role. This news is certainly a big deal and inspired me to create what I call the Kamala Harris creation. I imagined if she was on the streets of Washington, DC, what would she wear on a date night out?

This limited edition stretch knit high-low sweater features a high neckline and slit sleeves, which pairs well with a slide slit trouser. This look is sure to please either for an informal meeting or after 5 shenanigans!

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