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African Prints for the Summer

African prints are always in style no matter what the season! I've used many remnants of these various prints for making fabric mask over the past months. I thought it was time to start making some versatile looks that can be worn together for a bold look or separately to spice up your wardrobe.

I've been inspired by African fashion for year, the silhouettes, the colors and the attention to detail. Many of these fabrics are 100% cotton and if cut just right can hugs your curves in just the right places.

This set features a modified crop top (this is the term I use to describe a crop top that only shows a peek-a-boo of skin) with a wide leg paper bag elastic waistband pant. This fabric is breathable, lightweight and oh so comfortable! I've always been afraid of bold colors and prints however, since designing clothing I've become more bold in my fabric choices. I love how this look accentuates your curves but is still very effortless. It can be worn with a pair of heels or sandals (or bare foot like in the picture). I foresee more African, tribal and fun prints in the future for Courageous Creations!

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