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2022/New Beginnings, Look for me in 2023...

This year was jam-packed with excitement, from our first science-based mini-collection to showing up on the greatly anticipated Wakanda Forever red carpet and EVERYTHING in between!

1). Science of Fashion mini collection and black history tribute to scientists of color.

2). Began to create my collection with SHEIN X fall/winter 2022 (roughly a 7-month process)

3). Flew to Miami as an official partner and vendor of MomPower 2022 created by Gwen Rue (mentor).

4). Vended for the first time at the SheFavor women's conference at the World Congress Center here in Atlanta, Ga.

5). Prepared for LA runway: "Street Meets Chic" with Fashion and Music Conference.

6). SHEIN X Courageous Creations Fall/Winter Collection drop

7). Create Kay Cantrell's look for the Wakanda Forever cast and crew red carpet.

When I think of all the wonderful blessings that bombarded me and those around me, I honestly am at a loss for words. Of course, there are no highs without lows, there were many times when I doubted where the business was headed. However, when you keep your hand (and everything else) in God's hands, He is faithful to guide you and place people in your path to help navigate your life. Interestingly, I turned 38 this year, it certainly was a year of new beginnings. I look forward to what this new year will bring...look for me in 2023!!!!!

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